Ice fishing with kayaks

Sweden, Scandinavia –

This video shows how local ice fishermen use their Wavewalk kayaks for ice fishing:


Visit Wavewalk Fishing Kayaks in Sweden »

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Motorized kayak or microskiff?

These days, as some fishing kayaks grow bigger and heavier, and can no longer be car topped, it’s good to know that there’s one kayak out there that weighs just sixty pounds, is stabler and drier than all others, and you can motorize it not just with a lame electric trolling motor, but with a powerful outboard gas engine.

You may call it a microskiff too, and this what it looks like:


Motorized kayak or microskiff?

As fishing kayaks and microskiffs converge, anglers face more choice, but not necessarily better choices. The W500 certainly presents the best combination of portability, dryness, storage space for your tackle and gear, and ease of use with a motor.

Needless to say that when you fish in cold water and weather, you want to keep dry even when you motorize in choppy water.  This boat can keep you and your fishing gear dry, even on long trips. It now features a transparent spray shield and high volume inflatable side flotation.

More info on this micro catamaran microskiff for fishing »

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Finally back on the site

With all the classes like you see here it’s been very busy.  Hopefully now that class season is slowing a bit I’ll be able to get back on the blog from time to time.

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Kayak Fishing Down the Oconomowoc River, Wisconsin

We decided to get some kayaking in today because the weather was perfect here in Wisconsin. Today we paddled the Kettle Moraine Loew lake unit – Oconomowoc river.

We tried a little fishing and my brother caught his first fish in a Wavewalk.

He said that these kayaks make pretty good fishing vessels…

I said you don’t have to tell me that!

We also had to do the “limbo” today to get under a bridge. Don’t try this in a conventional kayak! It may be difficult to keep your balance laying down and getting up again.



More about W Fishing Kayaks >

Steve's first bass in a Wavewalk fishing kayak

Oconomowoc river fishing

limbo in a wavewalk fishing kayak

limbo in a wavewalk fishing kayak

large mouth bass in a Wavewalk

kayaking the Oconomowoc river

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Big Bass Caught on Kayak Fishing Trip

Absolutely love the W fishing kayak!!

There has been no issue with my lower back.

Being able to stand up is absolutely the best part about it!

My girl and I have been out every weekend the last 6 weeks and are going strong.

Tandem paddling was really easy too.

The Wavewalk was a godsend for me, and was the only way I could have gotten back on the water in a kayak.

The bass in the picture I caught yesterday on a place called Round lake in eastern NY. It weighed almost 6 lbs.

Keep in touch…thanks for everything,


young kayak fisherman showing 6 lbs bass caught in Round lake, eastern New York

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